Please invest in Wolf Points' past....and Wolf Points' future:

Artists' rendering of the new Wolf Point Museum on Highway 2

$300,000 is needed to move our museum, $75,000 by December 15th to complete the purchase the property, to move the museum up and out of it's current location in the basement of the library. The Wolf Point Area Historical Society is seeking 300 people, familys or organizations who are willing to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation of $1,000 or more to this fund. Together we can do this.

300   @  $1000  =  $300,000  

600   @     500  =  $300,000

1200  @     250   =  $300,000

3000  @     100   =  $300,000.

The money will be used for the following:

Why do this? Because we need a place to preserve a lot of the history in the Wolf Point area, and the present facility is not workable. The present location of the museum is in the basement of the Library. It is not handicapped accessible. It is way too small to hold and display all of the historical items we have, and it is not tourist friendly. There are items that people would like to donate. We have no place to store them or show them.

Every day that we wait, more and more of our history is being lost to the dump...or other communities that have the facilities to handle and preserve them. You are a part of Wolf Point's area history. Please join with many of your fellow Wolf Pointers in helping to preserve and display our history and our culture.

We are aware of the fact that everyone does not have $1,000 to donate. Some of us do, many of us do not. If you cannot spare $1,000, how about $500. What can you afford? Please consider the long range impact of Wolf Point, and what your donation, along with other donations, can do. If possible, please write a check for $1,000 or more, or whatever you can afford.

Please don't put this aside to do later. This is a great investment in Wolf Point. If we as a community prosper, then this property will increase in value. If Wolf Point doesn't start growing again and prospering, then what? We would appreciate your thoughts and your help, physical, mental and especially financial help.

As of October 2006, we have the following: Western Bank has graciously donated $10,000 -- $5000 now and $5000 when we reach $75,000. The Assiniboine Sioux Fort Peck Tribes Enterprise Zone has committed $5,000, plus help with grant writing - 10 @ $1,000, 2 @ $500, 1@ $250, 1 @ $200, 1 @ 125, 9 @ $100, 9 @ $50 and 9 @ $25. WPAHS previous funds totaling $10,000 are available, plus some funds are available from Roosevelt County for remodeling - totaling $22,905.00.

As you can see, we are well on our way -- we just need YOUR support.


Please mail your check today to:


BOX 977

Wolf Point, MT 59201


Keith Bryan

Fund Raising Chair

By the way, your donation makes you a paid up member of the Wolf Point Area Historical Society through December 2008.