Photos of Wolf Point businesses and Main Street photos:
From a postcard dated March 16, 1915:

Notice the "Rooming House" on the right of the page.  My great-grandfather, William Smith built it and his brother and her wife ran it.  It was built in 1913.  Here's an old photo showing it while it was built, dated 1913:

Soldiers marching down Main Street in July of 1918. The J. H. Coffey building was located
where the old Buttrey Foods store (now a part of Bryans) was located:

Main Street in 1919.  The Post office (with the flag) appears to be on the left and the Arcade Cafe on the right:

Wolf Point Motor Company.  On the back of these photos it says BUILT BY G.M. PRAY - WOLF POINT, MONT. - 1917

An early photo, possibly taken in the '40s of a Conoco station:

An aerial view of Main Street taken at night from the top of the old water tower, 1940.  The Sherman is in the background:

Probably taken in 1918, just before the top 2 floors of the Sherman Hotel were built:

Main Street looking east, around 1920

Main street in the 1930's

Main Street in 1918:

Wolf Point main street in 1919:

The next three photos are probably taken in the '40s - The original and two blowups of the photo:

Another old view of Wolf Point:

From Sue Stevens, an inside photo of Lund Feed & Seed, with Einar "Pork" and Kristine "Kitty" Lund, taken in 1939:

From Sue Thorsen Stevens, a 1962 photo of Lund Feed & Seed:

From Lyda Bowker,
A picture of the Modern Cafe inside,  Behind the counter is Mrs. C.E. (Clara ) Allen and Mrs. Birkland. At the side is CrystalMahllum  and other girl is unknown,  The Allen's had the cafe in the early 40's and later sold it to the Birklands  The Allens are Bob Bowker's Grandparents:

An early view of the Stockman's Bar and Attorney Frank Catlin's office

These next two photos were taken about 1941: The business in the middle could be what later was the Stockmans Bar and to the right of it could have been Frank Catlin's office, but I'm not sure.  I believe the photos are of offices you'd see as you are going south towards main street just leaving the underpass.  Any ideas?

From the left to the right on main street: my Grandfather Hanks' Barber Shop, The Modern Cafe, The
Federated Store (later Bryan's), and Buttrey Foods, the largest grocery store in Wolf Point (around 1954):

Taken from a color slide, circa 1950, looking down main street from the east.  The old VFW club can be seen, as well as where the Ford dealer used to be.  To the far right there appears to be an old church.

Susan Goodman provided these next four photos -- the 1919 Wolf Point baseball team.  The gentleman in the dark baseball cap and the dark sleeves is her grandfather, Connie Schenkenberger:

Before my grandpa's barber shop, Sue states that her grandfather Connie (who's son was named Earl) and his wife Katie did hair.  Here are some photos of that barber shop:

Connie with his dog, maybe in front of the Wolf Point Studio

Hank's Barber Shop (my grandfather) on Main Street (about 1945). I do not know who the other Barber is, but the customers are Art Toavs and Dutch Schreiber:

Hank Arndt, Sr. and Ralph Eggerbrecht

Hank and George Jensen:

Hank and 13 month old Terry Jackson, taken about July of 1967:

The Triangle Service Station and Triangle Cafe in the mid '50s:

Sue Thorsen Stevens sent me this photo of Ellis C. Thorsen's Conoco station just north of the Sherman Hotel:

The Piggly Wiggly store and Camrud Motors in about 1953:

Main Street with the Elks, The Liberty Theatre, Beacon Tire Service and the Frigidaire dealer:

The movie playing at the Liberty Theatre was "The Boy From Oklahoma" starring Will Rogers, which was released in February of 1954. The movie also starred Sheb Wooley, Slim Pickens and a "later-to-be" talk show host by the name of Merv Griffin!

Main Street taken by me about 1978 just west of the Liberty Theatre:

Below are some fairly current photos of Wolf Point:

Main Street:

The Underpass (which, by the way, was dedicated Friday, October 20th, 1939):

Looking south from the underpass:

Taken from the Amtrak train March 29, 2004 (author unknown):

  Two more photos without the snow:
wolf point

Yes, Wolf Point has a blizzard every once in awhile (Thanks to Clint Whitmer for this 2004 photo)

The sign on Gillette Pharmacy, around since the late '50s.  Before that there was a Huxsol Drug sign:

Indians doing a "War Dance" in the early days -- date unknown, probably close to 1919, as evidenced by the following photo:

One of the earliest photos of Wolf Point - Indians doing a "grass dance":

The Wolf Point Elks Club:

A more current photo of the Elks Club:

The Wolf Point Cafe:

A recent photo of Bryan's:

Old photos of the Grain Elevators:

The Equity Co-Op Elevator

A recent photo of KVCK Radio:

The Western National Bank in the late '60s

Another View of the Western National Bank:

In 1913, the First State Bank opened for business in the below structure.  In 1917 a new brick building was constructed next door on the west side.  The bank was chartered the same year that the City Of Wolf Point was incorporated:

Pictured below is the interior of the original bank, located on the south side of Main Street.  Teller cages, or "bandit barriers" were common in the early 1900s.  Bank employees in 1935 are (left to right) Lucy Lenz, Jim Brownlee, Al Appelgren, and Ruth Harstad:

Pictured below is the interior of the First State Bank on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Avenue South, circa 1951.  Pictured are (left to right) Patsy Green, Connie Terry, my Grandmother Helen Smith, Jim Brownlee, Pauline Garden, Lucy Lenz, John Witte, Laura Rathert and Lee Cowen:

After being denied approval to build a new bank building by the State of Montana Banking Commissioner, the First State Bank applied for and was approved for a national bank charter.  The Banks' name was changed to Western National Bank, and the staff welcomed it's customers with a new facility in 1963:

Melba Miller, Edna and Philip Jackley and perhaps Mrs. Thorson (customer) at Larsons' Jewelry:

Edna and Philip Jackley. Their store was located direcly across the street from the Liberty Theatre. At one time it was the mortuary. Joyce says that in the back room close to the back door was a trap door, and she was terrified of that room and avoided it faithfully:

Sid Peterson owned Petersons' Grocery on the north side of Wolf Point for many years.  I have many memories of buying candy at Sids' when I was young.  Here are some photos of the grocery store, outside and inside, with Sid helping customers:

Many photos were taken of the Sherman Hotel - here are a few of them:

An Ash Tray from the old Sherman Hotel:

Jim Peterson (Sid Petersons' son) was gracious enough to send me an old

color postcard of the Sherman Hotel from his dads' grocery store. Jim passed away in July of 2006.

The original hotel, built in 1917: