Norby's Sweet Shop sold this "comedy" card in the '40s:

A black and white postcard from the Tip Top Motel:

The Top Top Motel on Highway 2 - about 1954-55

The Tip Top Motel circa 1959:

The Tip Top Motel in the early '70s

A postcard from the Golden Arrow Motel (about 1959)

Purdy's "Modern" Courts at Highways 2 and 13

A postcard of the Roosevelt County Courthouse in the '50s

A postcard from 1957 (I wonder where the mountains are near Wolf Point?)

Another postcard from the same era:

I remember Norven Langagers' Husky Truck Stop and the Husky Diner was operated by Preston Pierce

A postcard from 1956

Another Wolf Point post card:

The Western National Bank in the late '60s

Another View of the Western National Bank:

An old card from Public Drug:

A QSL Card from Wolf Point:

A card sent in 1909:

A card with 9 different photos on it:
From bottom left:  The Elevators, KCGX/Westland Oil, The Southside School, The Catholic Church, The Lutheran Church,
The Sherman Hotel, The Bridge, The Coliseum, and a photo of a wolf:

From the Husky Cafe, owned at the time by Preston Pierce:

Old Town (south of present day Wolf Point) postcard:

A postcard from 1908 depicting an Indian burial: