Thanks to Tim Kurokawa, and Rich Miller, a 30 and 40 year photo of the class of 1966 is now posted.
Marvin Presser has a great book about Wolf Point.  I highly recommend it. You may email him by clicking here for a copy.

Here is a map of what Eastern Montana looked like in 1904:

Jim Albert of Darien, Conneticut, came across this website and was gracious enough to send me a copy of old movies taken by his family on a trip in 1951.  The video is of businesses in Wolf Point, and, amongst other things, you will see the auto driving through the underpass, the Chevrolet Dealer when it was located by the Liberty Theatre, The Elks Club in the last stages of construction (which would date this clip to the summer of 1951),  Main Street (with the bowling alley when it was next to the bakery in a basement off of main street), the Sherman Hotel, Moe Motors, Buttrey's, The Federated, and other businesses.  The home movies then switch to the Fort Peck area during the Albert's family vacation.  My gratitude and thanks to Jim and his family so much for contributing and sharing this rare color footage of Wolf Point.  Click the arrow below to start the movie clip.  The movie is also here.

February 6, 1957 was the day that KUMV Television signed on in Williston, North Dakota.  It was one of the first television signals that could be picked up in the Wolf Point area.  Here is a copy of a certificate of membership that my grandfather, Hank Arndt, Sr, received on May 29, 1957:

The Hanel girls getting ready for the big parade:

  Taken from the Hanel family's house looking South at the Farmers Lumber Company and Triangle Texaco:

The Tastee-Freez, the Golden Arrow Motel and the Enco Station about 1960:  In the background was Howard Wood's shop and ServiSoft Soft Water, owned by Riley Ostby:

Looking south from the Camrud Motors car lot on highway 2 before landfill was moved in, and the business was built in the early '60s:  You can see the B&F Motel owned by Burnison and Feda, managed by Kay Clemow right across the street, and the Sherman Hotel in the distance:

From the future Camrud Motors location, looking south with the stampede grounds in the distance:

The Phillips 66 station on the north side of Highway 2.  29¢ a gallon and they'd pump the gas, wash your windshield, check the fluids and tires!

Also from Joyce, a photo of her first grade picture from the Northside School (the old school). Miss Ryan's class of 1955:

Back row L to R: George Redstone, Lynn Shrader, Pam Baumann, Tom Udland, Dale Harstad and Mark Larson
Middle row L to R: Mary Larson, Kenny Wiers, Russel Lien, Kathy Ault, and Tim Shumway
Front row L to R: Lora Lee Diedrich, Ricky Johnson, Kenny Nitschke, Joyce Jackley, Kathy Taylor, Carleen Dyck and Ernie Schutt

A photo of Confirmation from 1964:

Back row L to R: Tom Wolski, Ken Hoversland, Ben Rensvold, Mark Larson, Lynn Shrader, Lyle Presser, Dale Harstad, Jim Hotvedt, Greg Lobdell, Greg Taylor
Middle row L to R: Eugene Kemp, Rynette Ingebretson, Nancy Thorsen, Kristy Kolden, Teresa Grotte, Patti Ault, Judi Stensland, Laura Antonson, George Thompson, Wayne Sletvold
Front row L to R: Peggy Hanel, Janice Rushe, Sharron Solheim, Chris Schwinden, Mary Larson, Pastor David Larson, Margaret "Tani" Harmala, Dayle Johnson, Joyce Jackley, Vera Quick, & Donna Carlson

In the 50s (and later on) Richard Gerberding operated a ham radio setup in the Wolf Point area.  Here is an old photo of Dick and his setups:

The Wolf Point Class of 67 had their 40th reunion in Wolf Point:

Back row L to R: Ben Rensvold, Chuck Fisher, Laura Antonson, Charleen Matejovsky, Juanita Triplett, Dee Dee Dahl, Linda Steen, Larry Olson, Lorraine Unruh, Larry Stensland, Nancy Thorsen, Boone Whitmer, Diana Plouffe, Roger Wimmer, Linda Heser, Rose Neumiller, Joyce Unruh, Janice Pankratz, Teresa Grotte, & Rynette Ingebretson
Middle row L to R: Russell Lein, Rocky Braaten, Bootie Moran, Karen Kurokawa, Alice Schlepp, Judy Dickey, Rochelle Berg, Joanne Martin, Ken Wiers, Dayle Johnson, & Bill Sansaver
Fron row L to R: Alan Bushman, Andy "Billy" Sand, Larry Neutgens, Lora Lee Diedrich, Sharron Solheim, Boone DeWitt, Edna Olson & Sue Brown

Howard Wood invented the Wood's Powr-Grip in Wolf Point:

The 1965 Wolf Point Wolves basketball team: From left to Right, David Ahlberg, Bill Spitzer, Wayne Bartel, Bill Dasinger, Bernard Weeks, Boone Whitmer, Jerry Courchene, Bob Baker, Tony Welzenbach, Owen Weeks, Rick Whittlesey, John Shumway and Barry Kurokawa:

The 1955 VBS Classes at the First Lutheran Church: Rev. Oakland is kneeling in the black suit. The small girl next to pastor O. is Rachel Oakland. The boy and girl (with knees up) are Mark and Mary Larson. On the top row, 4th from the left is a Hanel girl and directly below her is another of the Oakland daughters. Joyce cannot remember all of the rest, but perhaps others will. Mrs. Kemp and Mrs. Wagnild are on the right:

Doctor Henry J. Borge and Marge Borge were good friends of the Jackley's. Here is a photo of Dr. Borge with Ceaser and Duke at one of their picnics:

Marge Borge and Ceaser at a picnic at Wolf Creek:

A blowup of that photo:

Dr. Ralph Sorensen, another family friend, with Jim Neutgens during a "Hunting trip":

Ralph Sorensen with an antelope:

A Sunday afternoon picnic at Wolf Creek with the Kurokawas: Tim, Donny, Karen, Joyce and Ruthie:

A blowup of that photo:

Another photo of fun at Wolf Creek (when it had water in it)

Doctor Robert Dana Knapp served the Wolf Point area for many years.  Here is his obituary from the Herald-News:

Doctor Knapp at his retirement party:

From Myrt Schlaht, a family photo taken in 1935 during a picnic at the Bridge Park (Harry Lovejoy was a photographer in Wolf Point for many years):

Back row (s), left to right:
Mary (Sickels) McFarlane Balke, Teresa (Cox) Lovejoy wife of Harry, Bernice’s mother, Norma (Lovejoy) Downey, Bernice’s sister, Thelma (Sickels) Cooper, Unidentified Man, Grandma (Ivan) Sickels, Ralph Sickels, Baby-Harry Sickels, Everett Sickels, Bernice (Lovejoy) Sickels, Mae (Bishop) Sickels, Dorothy (Sickels) Rowland, 5 yrs old, Minnie Bishop, Unidentified Girl, Homer Sickels, Aleen Bishop, Lee Bishop, Unidentified Man, Unidentified Woman, LaBonna Lovejoy, Cy Lovejoy

Front row, left to right:
Great Grandpa Lovejoy, Harry Lovejoy’s dad, Great Grandma Lovejoy,  Harry Lovejoys' Mother, Harry Lovejoy, Bernice’s dad  (Was the photographer), Glen Lovejoy, Cy and LaBonna’s son, Unidentified Girl, Glenn Homer McFarlane, Great Grandma DeVore ( Grandma Sickels’s mom), Myrt (McFarlane) Schlaht On Great Grandma Devore’s lap, Great Grandpa DeVore, Unidentified Girl, Unidentified Boy, David Bishop, Unidentified Boy, Grandpa Guy Sickels

The sign in Sherman Park:

One of the photos of the 1965 bowling tournament held in Glasgow: From left to right, Lenore Harcharick, Donna Nygaard, Marge Stennes, Bernie Casey, Jackie Colgan and my mother, Amber Arndt

Remember "Counter Checks"? Every business had them in the area.  Here's a Western National Bank check:

Before it was the Western National Bank, it was the First State Bank:

A check from the old Citizens First National Bank:

Photos of building the Fort Peck Dam, probably taken in the '30s

This appears to be some sort of a registration for cars from the Motor Sales Company in Wolf Point in the '20s:

William Standing, a great Wolf Point artist drew this:

Literature on William Standing:

Date unknown, a cookbook published by the Presbyterian women in the Wolf Point area: