March 16, 1915:

Soldiers marching down Main Street in July of 1918. The J. H. Coffey building was located
where the old Buttrey Foods store (now a part of Bryans) was located:

The school Band, probably taken the same day as the above photo. Notice the girl on crutches in the foreground:

This photo was probably taken in 1918, as the Sherman Hotel appeared to only have two stories at that time:

A very early photo of Main Street, probably taken from somewhere near the South end of the Sherman Hotel:

Another early photo:

Main Street in 1919.  The Post office (with the flag) appears to be on the left and the Arcade Cafe on the right:

Two photos, possibly from the early '20s:

This one was probably taken in the early 1900s:

Probably taken in 1918, just before the top 2 floors of the Sherman Hotel were built:

A parade down Wolf Point Main Street, date unknown (from a post card)

Blowups of that photo:

Main Street looking east, around 1920

Main street in the 1930's

Wolf Point main street in 1919:

The next three photos are probably taken in the '40s - The original and two blowups of the photo:

Additional undated Main Street photos:

Main street about 1947:

Another old view of Wolf Point:

Main Street:

Glen Marshall, a former Wolf Point resident, sent me these pictures when Wolf Point's main street was being overhauled, which he believes are from about 1978:

....and a couple of photos by the Northside School in the winter of 1978: