aA matchbook from the Triangle Cafe and Service Station:

Matches from the Sherman Hotel:

The new (above) and the old (below)

Other advertising matches:

Remember Rothe's Dairy? Doreen Rothe now lives in Sun City, Arizona

From 1921, a bottle from the Wolf Point bottling works

In 1929 the First National Bank issued these notes.  Here is a photo of one of 15 known to exist:

An old money "pouch" from the First State Bank:

A Thermometer from the Sweet Shoppe:

Advertising from Rothe's Dairy:

Here's an advertising photo probably from the late '30s or early '40s of Hi Line Dairy in Wolf Point:

Lyda Bowker of Wolf Point Ceramics made this plate for the Stampede:

An ad from the July 1946 Wolf Point Stampede:

Sherman T. Cogswell's store had trader "tokens". This is from about 1885:

In the summer of 1965 the Golden Jubilee coin appeared:

In 1973 the 50th Anniversary of the Stampede was held, with a Stampede Coin being issued:

A "penny" from the Masonic Lodge:

A "wooden nickel" from the 1962 Stampede:

A sewing kit from the Hi Line Creamery:

A matchbook from Moe Motors:

A Pennant for Wolf Point (and the Stampede), date unknown:

Another Pennant

I found a photo of this advertising card. Does anyone have any memory of it?

An Ashtray from the old Sherman Hotel:

An Ashtray from the Cozy Motel:

An Ashtray from the Wolf Point Elks Lodge:

A Matchbook from the VFW club and lanes:

The Modern Cafe:

Hagadones' Triangle Service Station:

The Ranch Nite Club, just south of the bridge:

The drug stores in downtown wolf point put  a plaque out for rodeo fans in 1948:

Mike Kern, Jr., whos dad, Mike Kern was one of the founders of the Hi Line Federal Credit Union, provided a photo of the "space age" bank, which was given out to early depositors of the Credit Union:

A "perpetual" calendar from Citizen's First National Bank:

The Fad gave out advertising knives:

Moe Motors in Wolf Point gave out this advertising pen:

An old Red Wing crock from McAllen's in Wolf Point:

How many bars existed in Wolf Point in the '60s? A lot of them...and they all sold Great Falls Select beer.

Who could forget the Red Barn - lots of parties happened at that place

Ralph's Bar (and other bars and pool halls in Wolf Point) also used tokens in the early years, also:

A Token from J. H. Coffey's store, circa 1914:

The E&A Cash store also used tokens:

Salt and Pepper shakers from Harry's Nite Club, just across the bridge south of Wolf Point:

Thanks to Victor Gess (Class of '52 now in Lafayette, California) who sent me this photo of items he has from the Wolf Point Locker Plant and Johnson and Isachsen General Merchandise)

Charlie Hauge owned City Foods and gave away this

Camrud Motors gave away an advertising thermometer:

A January 1966 ad from the Liberty Theatre, courtesy of Kahlil Wehbe, who works at the Liberty, now known as Prarie Cinemas:

A program from August, 1985:

In the early days of cinema at the Liberty Theatre, glass advertising slides were shown prior to the movie.  Here are slides from Davey's Tailors, The Wolf Point Cafe, Champin Implement, Dick's Bakery, The Wolf Point Merc, Listerud's Conoco, John O. Garden, The Herald News and Poulson's Plumbing,  circa 1920's-30s:

Who could forget the bumper stickers on many area cars from the Sundown Drive In:

An advertising level from Ibsen Implement

Sears or Wards or Ben Franklin were generally the places to buy your '45's. Here's a music chart from January 19. 1970 from Wards:

An ad from the Point Theater:

Phil Jackley
and Russell St. Clair were partners in the late '50's early '60's. Phil ran the store in WP and Russell operated the one in Glasgow. The store was located across the street from the Liberty Theater and next door to Jean's Dress Shop.
Newspaper ads from the Jewelry store:

A thermometer from Wolf Point Implement Company

From the First State Bank, a tape measure:

A coin Purse from J H Coffeys':

An ad from 1915:

A license plate "topper" circa 1936 from Farmers Union:

Stationery from the Tip Top Motel: