The Presbyterian Mission school buildings
are on the left, which operated from 1895 to 1927.

From a penny postcard, another Early View of the School, church and dormitories (similar to the one above)

Thanks to Wes Stevenson for this great photo of Wolf Point High School, circa 1955?

The old Grade School in 1915:

Another School photo, circa 1944:

A more recent photo of the school:

The "Old" and "New" schools:

An older photo of the "new" public school:

A photo of the schools, dated 1912-1915-1918

A photo of the 1938 grade school basketball champs:

The "new" Northside School, built in 1958:

Across the street from the new northside school was the old school.  Photos courtesy of Lela June (Hanel):

Circa 1953:  The Kindergarten class.  I am in the back row, 3rd from the right:

From Mary Jean (Lowry) Bivins, the Wolf Point South Side Elemtary Class of 1952. Miss Hazel Talbert's First Grade:

A Closeup of the class

Back Row: Peggy Brown, Janice Bach, Linda Stennes, Lyla Martinson, ?, Pammy Berg, Mary Jean Lowry, ?, Keith Johnson

Middle Row: ?, Valerie Cochran, David Lindsay, ?, ?, Sharon Glassy, Skippy Clayton

Front Row: Else Appelgren, Cheryl Rada, Buster Schreiber, Sandy Burkmeir (possibly), Pee Wee Moran, ?, ?

From Joyce Baer, a photo of Miss Virginia Fink, who taught her (and I) in 2nd grade:

The Catholic Church and School

Pupils at the Mission school circa 1909-1910

Another photo of Mission School pupils

The woodpile behind the Mission School