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From various people I have communicated with (thanks to all of you), here are some thoughts:

If you were born in the late '40s or early '50s (and maybe earlier and later) you may remember:

climbing on the pipelines under the bridge buying candy from Mary Steen at the Handy Shop or from Mary Rowan's store Skipping school and taking the train to Glasgow at 8:40 AM and returning on the train at 3:40 PM Buttrey's was downtown and they delivered food in collapsible wooden boxes the Christmas Display in the window of Larson's Jewelry
swimming in Wolf Creek when it actually had water in it picking up the telephone and having the operator say "Number Please" and "Thank You", or if you lived south of Wolf Point, you had one of those "dial" telephones and you had to dial "653" to get a live Wolf Point operator and gave her the number to connect the call. Sneaking out of Rick Olson's 7th period study hall because Rick fell asleep going to the Point theatre behind the Red Owl and not being able to afford a "Toddie"..they were a quarter Cinnamon toothpicks that came in a small glass bottle from Gillette's
having a "party" at the gravel pits "up the creek" naming all the Hamill kids that were on the package of a loaf of bread Forging a teacher's initials on a pass so you could skip a class (or two) The "Platter Parade" program weekdays at 4 pm on KVCK Getting your bike "tuned up" by Art Garwood
Diving off the "high platform" at the old swimming pool on the south side purchasing a popsicle from Lund Feed and Seed remembering when the trains came through town and the engineer would reach out the window grabbing his orders hanging from string as the train roared through?  There were mail cars and you could see the men sorting mail--no ladies in those days in those jobs. pizza burgers at Braun's Drive In Ma Iwen's float in the parade and its proud banner saying, "We stand behind everything  except Ma's beans"
Marvin Presser has a great book about Wolf Point.  I highly recommend it.
You may email him by clicking here for a copy.


Here is a map of what Eastern Montana looked like in 1904:

Main Street - Circa 1955

(click here for a HIGH RESOLOUTION photo of this photo)

From a postcard, about 1959 (The Red Owl store changed to a Jack and Jill store, a different stop light, different street lights, and maybe a different time and temp clock on the First State Bank?)

More views of Main Street (fairly recent)

A photo taken in July of 1999:

Downtown, taken in 1977:

(Click here for a high resoloution scan of this photo - 3.4 megs)

Another downtown view from a postcard:

One of the earliest photographs of Wolf Point at "Old Town". The Presbyterian Mission school buildings
are on the left, which operated from 1895 to 1927.

From a penny postcard, another Early View of the School, church and dormitories (similar to the one above)

My mothers' Aunt, Vera Smith Johnson, lived in this house built by my Great-Great Grandfather, William H. Smith, in 1910. William H. Smith was born in Llano County, Texas September 10, 1855 and died in Wolf Point January 1, 1917. He was a member of the Texas Rangers in the early 1870's. In 1884 he was a stock inspector for the Montana Stock Association. He trailed cattle to Montana four different times with his brothers, James and Drew, and the fourth time he decided to stay here in Wolf Point. He married Nellie Trexler (my Great-Great Grandmother). This house, called the "Green House" was originally a large log house, and when John Listerud came to Wolf Point, he had the first lumber yard, and William had lumber put on this house. This house was finished December 11, 1910 and moved into on December 22, 1910. It was one of the first homes built in "new town". It still stands near Benton Street on 5th Avenue South.

Here is a photo of my great-great grandfather, William H. Smith (taken in 1877 in Red Rock, Texas)

In 1913, William H. Smith built this rooming house on the south side of Main Street.
Smiths' brother Ed, and his wife, Hattie, managed the place. It was later purchased by Jim Terry
and was known as the Terry Rooming House, the Terry Hotel, and later the Point Hotel.

A look at Wolf Point from the air, around 1915:

Another early photo from the East:

Main Street in 1919.  The Post office (with the flag) appears to be on the left and the Arcade Cafe on the right:
Main Street looking east, around 1920

In 1928, my Great-Grandfather, Ben Anderson (on the left) with Pilot
Jim Cook first flew the "Air Mail" out of Wolf Point:

Ben Anderson with an unidentified man (possibly Bob Anderson) cutting ice from the river near Wolf Point:

Main street in the 1930's

An early view of the Stockman's Bar and Attorney Frank Catlin's office

From the left to the right on main street: my Grandfather Hanks' Barber Shop, The Modern Cafe, The
Federated Store (later Bryan's), and Buttrey Foods, the largest grocery store in Wolf Point (around 1954):

The Triangle Service Station and Triangle Cafe in the mid '50s.

A matchbook from the Triangle Cafe and Service Station:

Main Street with the Elks, The Liberty Theatre, Beacon Tire Service and the Frigidaire dealer:

The movie playing at the Liberty Theatre was "The Boy From Oklahoma" starring Will Rogers, which would date this picture to 1954.
The movie also starred Sheb Wooley, Slim Pickens and a "later-to-be" talk show host by the name of Merv Griffin!

Looking north from the air - date unknown:

A look at Wolf Point from the north in the 1920s

Compare the above photo to the photo below of the Roundhouse- date unknown:

Monte Montana (from Wolf Point) was a famous trick rider in many stampedes:

Indians doing a "War Dance" in the early days -- date unknown

Lyda Bowker of Wolf Point Ceramics made this plate for the Stampede:

An ad from the July 1946 Wolf Point Stampede:

The train depot at Wolf Point:

The Empire Builder and the Western Star trains stopped in Wolf Point on a daily basis:

A timetable from the Great Northern Railway:

Aboard the trains, you could dine in the dining car, or the "Ranch" car:

A black and white postcard from the Tip Top Motel:

The Top Top Motel on Highway 2 - about 1954-55

The Tip Top Motel circa 1959:

The Tip Top Motel in the early '70s

A postcard from the Golden Arrow Motel (about 1959)

Hank's Barber Shop (my grandfather) on Main Street (about 1945). I do not know who the other Barber is, but the customers are Art Toavs and Dutch Schreiber

Hank Arndt, Sr. and Ralph Eggerbrecht

Hank and George Jensen:

Hank and 13 month old Terry Jackson, taken about July of 1967:

A blast from the past.  The classes of 1965-66 taken about 1953.  I am the third person from the right in the back row:

Many photos were taken of the Sherman Hotel and many stories were told in the rooms, the dining rooms and in the bar - here are a few of the photos of this grand building:

Below is one of the earliest known photos of the Sherman - taken in 1919:

An Ash Tray from the old Sherman Hotel:

An Ash Tray from the Cozy Motel:

A Matchbook from the VFW club and lanes:

Jim Peterson (Sid Petersons' son) was gracious enough to send me an old
color postcard of the Sherman Hotel from his dads' grocery store. Sadly, Jim passed away in July of 2006.

Thanks to Wes Stevenson for this great photo of Wolf Point High School, circa 1955?

The old Grade School in 1915:

Another School photo, circa 1944:

A more recent photo of the school:

The drug stores in downtown wolf point put  a plaque out for rodeo fans in 1948:

Main Street during a parade, taken in July of 1941:

In 1950, I rode in the Stampede parade.  My grandpa Buddy (Rueben Smith) is holding me:

The new Northside School, built in 1958:

The sign in Sherman Park:

The Wolf Point Elks Club:

A more current photo of the Elks Club:

The Wolf Point Cafe:

How many bars existed in Wolf Point in the '60s? A lot of them...and they all sold Great Falls Select beer.

Ralph's Bar (and other bars and pool halls in Wolf Point) used tokens in the early years, also:

A Token from J. H. Coffey's store, circa 1914:

Salt and Pepper shakers from Harry's Nite Club, just across the bridge south of Wolf Point:

Thanks to Victor Gess (Class of '52 now in Lafayette, California) who sent me this photo of items he has from the Wolf Point Locker Plant and Johnson and Isachsen General Merchandise)

Camrud Motors gave away an advertising thermometer:

Main Street taken by me about 1978 just west of the Liberty Theatre:

An old ad from the Liberty Theatre, courtesy of Kahlil Wehbe, who works at the Liberty, now known as Prarie Cinemas:

Ed Krebsbach started the first radio station, moving from Vida to Wolf Point.  Here is a photo of Ed:

I was fortunate enough to purchase a 1923 World Atlas/Gazetter that was owned by Ed, on Ebay.

Here is a scan of a map of the State of Montana was like in 1923:

Click here for a high resoloution scan of this map (warning - it is nearly 6 megs in size)
A recent photo of KVCK Radio:

KVCK Radio started up in 1957. I remember when Kenny Karge worked the “Platter Parade” program at 4 PM.  Kenny had a bicycle horn and he would squeeze it on the air and say “Karge at large”.  I remember Dick Applegren working at the station while I was growing up. Does anyone remember “Hovey-Stone Chevrolet time”?  I started working there in 1963, as soon as I got my 3rd class license, and gradually moved to full-time employment for Pete Coffey.  Here's a 1969 picture of the staff that I took:

Dennis Johnson, Pete Coffey, Benny (Butzlaff) Bee, Clare Hekkel and Bob Behr

Dennis is in Idaho.  Pete passed away March 18, 1972, and Bob passed away on April 14, 1986.  Benny is in Kalispell and Clare lives in Billings.
  KVCK celebrated 50 years in business on September 1, 2007.  Thanks to the people at KVCK Radio, here is the last Editorial that Pete Coffey did.  The editorial runs 3 minutes, 15 seconds.  It was broadcast the week of March 13-17, 1972:

Here's a KVCK Radio photo taken in 1978. From left to right, employee Randy Dibble, Rex Allen, Jr., Me (badly needing a haircut), and employee Bobby Barlow:
In 1977 and 1978 KVCK was instrumental in bringing many country singers to Wolf Point and Poplar. Among them, Rex Allen, Jr., Bill Anderson, Leroy Van Dyke, Susan Raye, Cal Smith, Tommy Overstreet and David Houston. The concerts were either held at the Wolf Point Elks Club, or the Legion Club in Poplar. All of the concerts were sellouts. Not bad for a small town radio station!

Rex Allen, Jr., Me and Announcer Mark Anderson:

Susan Raye in 1978 at the Legion Club:

The Late David Houston appeared at the Elks Club in Wolf Point:

Cal Smith appeared at the Legion Club in Poplar:

Tommy Overstreet was at the Legion:

Leroy Van Dyke, "The Auctioneer" at the Elks:

One of the best concerts: Bill Anderson and the Po' Boys at the Elks:  (Thank God I've thrown out that white "leisure suit")

February 6, 1957 was the day that KUMV Television signed on in Williston, North Dakota.  It was one of the first television signals that could be picked up in the Wolf Point area.  Here is a copy of a certificate of membership that my grandfather, Hank Arndt, Sr, received on May 29, 1957:

One of the photos of the 1965 bowling tournament held in Glasgow: From left to right, Lenore Harcharick, Donna Nygaard, Marge Stennes, Bernie Casey, Jackie Colgan and my mother, Amber Arndt

Hank Arndt, Sr., frequently drove his 1926 Dodge in the Stampede parades (July 1960):  I also got to borrow the car to take it to the Sundown Drive-In.  It had the biggest back seat area of any car I have ever driven!

A program from the Wolf Point Graduating Class of 1945:

The Circus was in town around 1910 - here's the main photo, with
4 additional blow-ups of this photo:

Notice the J.H. Coffey Ford Dealer ad on the elephant:

The Confectionery and Grocery store and the Traders Store:

In front of Johnson & Isachsens' store the circus had "The Largest Living Hippopotamus"

The old post office is in the center and the Billiard Parlor to the left:

Wolf Point main street in 1919:

Another old view of Wolf Point:

I found a photo of this. Does anyone have any memory of it?

Soldiers marching down Main Street in July of 1918. The J. H. Coffey building was located
where the old Buttrey Foods store (now a part of Bryans) was located:

Sherman T. Cogswell's store had trader "tokens". This is from about 1885:

Purdy's "Modern" Courts at Highways 2 and 13

An early photo of the Roosevelt County Courthouse:

The Roosevelt County Courthouse in the '50s

Below are some fairly current photos of Wolf Point:

Main Street:

The Underpass:

Looking south from the underpass:

The sign on Gillette Pharmacy, around since the late '50s:

Remember Rothe's Dairy? Doreen Rothe now lives in Sun City, Arizona

Here's a photo probably from the late '30s or early '40s of Hi Line Dairy in Wolf Point:

An oil derrick in Northeast Montana:

Keith Bryan sent me the next four pictures in July of 2006:

A postcard of Assiniboine Indians at the Stampede:

Chief Redstone and his court:

A recent photo of Fort Peck Community College's Wolf Point Campus:

A recent photo of Bryan's:

In the summer of 1965 the Golden Jubilee coin appeared:

In 1973 the 50th Anniversary of the Stampede was held, with a Stampede Coin being issued:

A "wooden nickel" from the 1962 Stampede:

The First Presbyterian Church:

The Catholic Church and School

The Mennonite Church

The Lutheran Church:

The Assembly Of God Church

The old pontoon bridge

An old picture of the Grain Elevators:

The Lewis & Clark Bridge south of town on the road to Vida/Circle:

The "new" bridge south of wolf point by the old bridge:

Another view of the bridges:

The bridge in the 1930's:

The sign by the "new" bridge:

The old bridge was dedicated July 9, 1930 by my Aunt, Vera Johnson. Vera was born October 16, 1909 and passed away June 30, 2007, some three months short of her 98th birthday.  Click here for a copy of Vera's obituary.  Here's a copy of the Wolf Point Herald news article:

Vera wore a beaded Indian dress for the dedication ceremony. Some sixty years later, when the "new" bridge was dedicated, Vera also had the honor of dedicating the new the very same beaded Indian Dress!

Here is a photo Vera in that dress, taken in her home in the late 1990's:

Here's another photo of the bridge from the newspaper in 1930, and a copy of the Bridge dedication program:

A sign about the history of the original Wolf Point bridge:

The Equity Co-Op Elevator

These next two photos were taken about 1941: The business in the middle could be what later was the Stockmans Bar and to the right of it could have been Frank Catlin's office, but I'm not sure.  I believe the photos are of offices you'd see as you are going south towards main street just leaving the underpass.  Any ideas?

A map from Frontier Airlines at the Wolf Point airport - and their route in 1961

Another route map for Frontier Airlines in about the same era:

A postcard from 1957 (I wonder where the mountains are near Wolf Point?)

I remember Norven Langagers' Husky Truck Stop and the Husky Diner was operated by Preston Pierce

A postcard from 1956

Another Wolf Point post card:

The Western National Bank in the late '60s

Another View of the Western National Bank:

Remember "Counter Checks"? Every business had them in the area.  Here's a Western National Bank check:

A check from the old Citizens First National Bank:

An advertising level from Ibsen Implement

Howard Wood invented the Woods' Powr Grip in Wolf Point:

Taken from the Amtrak train March 29, 2004 (author unknown):

Another photo without the snow:
wolf point flags
Yes, Wolf Point has a blizzard every once in awhile (Thanks to Clint Whitmer for this 2004 photo)

Looking at Wolf Point from the north (around 1972-1974)

A couple of photos from the Wolf Point Stampede, the granddaddy of all Rodeos:

Thanks to Joyce (Jackley) Baer for sharing the following photos, articles and Wolf Point history. Joyce's dad (Phil)
and Russell St. Clair were partners in the late '50's early '60's. Phil ran the store in WP and Russell operated the one in Glasgow. The store was located across the street from the Liberty Theater and next door to Jean's Dress Shop.

The 1965 Wolf Point Wolves basketball team: From left to Right, David Ahlberg, Bill Spitzer, Wayne Bartel, Bill Dasinger, Bernard Weeks, Boone Whitmer, Jerry Courchene, Bob Baker, Tony Welzenbach, Owen Weeks, Rick Whittlesey, John Shumway and Barry Kurokawa:

The 1955 VBS Classes at the First Lutheran Church: Rev. Oakland is kneeling in the black suit. The small girl next to pastor O. is Rachel Oakland. The boy and girl (with knees up) are Mark and Mary Larson. On the top row, 4th from the left is a Hanel girl and directly below her is another of the Oakland daughters. Joyce cannot remember all of the rest, but perhaps others will. Mrs. Kemp and Mrs. Wagnild are on the right:

Doctor Knapp's obituary from the Herald-News:

Doctor Knapp at his retirement party:

Doctor Henry J. Borge and Marge Borge were good friends of the Jackley's. Here is a photo of Dr. Borge with Ceaser and Duke at one of their picnics:

Marge Borge and Ceaser at a picnic at Wolf Creek:

A blowup of that photo:

Dr. Ralph Sorensen, another family friend, with Jim Neutgens during a "Hunting trip":

Ralph Sorensen with an antelope:

A Sunday afternoon picnic at Wolf Creek with the Kurokawas: Tim, Donny, Karen, Joyce and Ruthie:

A blowup of that photo:

Another photo of fun at Wolf Creek (when it had water in it)

Sears or Wards or Ben Franklin were generally the places to buy your '45's. Here's a music chart from January 19. 1970 from Wards:

An ad from the Point Theater:

Newspaper ads from the Jewelry store:

Melba Miller, Edna and Philip Jackley and perhaps Mrs. Thorson (customer):

Edna and Philip Jackley. Their store was located direcly across the street from the Liberty Theatre. At one time it was the mortuary. Joyce says that in the back room close to the back door was a trap door, and she was terrified of that room and avoided it faithfully:

An ad from Wood's Powr-Grip. Joyces' father worked for Howard Wood for a time:

Who could forget the bumper stickers on many area cars from the Sundown Drive In:

Thanks to Keith Bryan for the following photographs:

Harvey W. Bryan, an early Wolf Point businessman, moved to Wolf Point with his wife Jessie in 1936. He first worked at J C Penneys and in the spring of 1942 opened the Federated Store, later Bryans:

The First Presbyterian Church in Old Town:

The George Littlefield Ferry was in service until 1919:

Henry Thanker Smith was a Missionary for 34 years in Wolf Point:

Mrs. H. T. "Ella" Smith

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Smith, Mrs. C. B. King and unknown

Pupils at the Mission school circa 1909-1910

Another photo of Mission School pupils

The woodpile behind the Mission School

A barn by the mission that later washed into the river

A Log Cabin on the Fort Peck Reservation

Some old Wolf Point telephone numbers
(before we had “dial” service):

Ault’s Super Valu 83
Beatrice Foods 222
Bill and Babe Burnison 325
Buddy and Helen Smith 230
Butzie's Bar 259 (pay phone)
Camrud Motors 34
Charley Rathert 452
Co-Op Store 204-W
Don & Delores Stennes 792
Eccles Flying Service 182
Erickstein Chevrolet 104
Florence’s Beauty Shop 193
H. Earl Clack Company 41-W
Hank and Amber Arndt 321
Hank and Erna Arndt 418
Hans and Selma Tveten 286-J
Hansen Implement 66
Henry and Marge Borge 102
Huxsol Drug 17
Louis and Vina LaFloe 477
Lynn and Thelma Miller 703
Manny and Edna Smith 232
Modern Café 28-W
Moe Motor Company 63
Montgomery Insurance 12-W
Neut’s Service Store 56
Newman Electric Service 268-W
Nez-Etta Florists 380
Rancho Motel 798
Rathert Schreiber Ford 67
Sweet Shoppe 20-W
Terry Hotel 35-J
W.E. (Bill) Burnison Insurance 23
Wilfred "Puss" Smith 497
White Star Laundry 290-W
Wolf Point City Office 9
Wolf Point Lockers 204-J


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